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College Theaters

Cameron Nuckols
January 11th, 2017 · 1 min read
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Colleges do not use real estate wisely. They generally have many empty rooms across campus for hours at a time. This creates wasted space and wasted money.


Allows colleges to turn their empty rooms into theaters for students. In a lot of auditoriums, they can fit hundreds of students at a time and generate extra income from it. They could also provide it as a perk for students. Most of these rooms already have the technology necessary to show movies, but what’s missing is software to enable such a service without a lot of work.

Provide colleges with this software and make it easy for them to use, and most wouldn’t have a good reason not to. That’s one idea of what you could do with the software. You could also lease it out to businesses or makers as coworking space.


The college has a specific site for students (run by the company) that would allow them to see movies across campus in different rooms and times. Pros: no wasted space, happy students

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