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Gift Cash

Cameron Nuckols
July 21st, 2017 · 1 min read
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Although people say that gift cards are inconsiderate, millions are given as gifts every single year. The problem with gift cards is that they can usually be spent in only one place. The problem with virtual cards is they aren’t personal.


We all know that cash is king.

What if there is an eCommerce play where you can ship cash as a gift? Cash would come wrapped in a nice little box. Here are possible ways you could make that work as a business:

  • Mail an entire package and the cash is just a small piece (think gift basket).
  • Mail only a fancy card or postcard and then have it be part of their account that they have to look up.
  • Pay more for just a box of cash and see if people will buy it ($5 or more to have one envelope sent).
  • There are possible opportunities for advertising to be implemented around or inside of the packages.
  • Partner with USPS to mitigate security concerns.


  • We’re gifting the gifters.
  • The gift that gives back. Literally.


Your company receives an extra-large tax return one year and you’d like to surprise your employees with a gift in a special way. What better way for them to be surprised than to get a nice small package that they open up that is full of cash?


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