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Personal Finance Management App

Cameron Nuckols
February 1st, 2020 · 1 min read
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It’s hard to deal with disperse financial accounts. It’s even harder to allocate funds the way you want when dealing with paychecks. It’s smart to have your finances run automatically, which is why this would help with that system. Free financial management systems exist (Personal Capital, Mint), but they do not allow you to actually handle how your finances are allocated.


A web app that allows anyone to allocate their finances in a certain way using a drag and drop interface. You can schedule transfers out of your accounts and into other accounts. You can set up more complex financial scenarios as well.

This could be a freemium SaaS product where people pay to upgrade, or you could choose to trademark the UI and allow banks to use your UI for their interface (similar to what Plaid and MX do).

Problems I’m solving:

  • Easy to visualize your financial flow (where your money is going)
  • You can create “what if” scenarios with your finances to predict where you’ll be
  • Change where your money is going by simply dragging & dropping and redirect to any accounts with any company


Let’s say you earn $4,000 per month. You want a certain percentage of that to be invested, you want a certain percentage to be allocated toward savings, and you want some of it to be “free” money. It would be nice to be able to set this up in a matter of seconds with accounts in different banks. Think of being able to easily drag and drop the amounts and show where you want them to go and not worry about it anymore. It would put your finances on autopilot.


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