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Nuckols Sandwiches: A Glorified Food Truck

Cameron Nuckols
January 27th, 2016 · 1 min read
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There isn’t one really, except everyone likes good food. Consumers at events are often hungry and need to eat. They like to eat at well-known places or venues that interest them.


A food truck called Nuckols Sandwiches that offers simple delicious sandwiches. It’s more of a marketing play, but you could make good food. PB&J’s, Subway on-demand, etc. You could also make ice cream sandwiches or do some sort of specialty dessert.


You’re at an event and you’re craving some ice cream. Then, out of the blue, you look across the venue and see a beautiful food truck that says, “Nuckols Sandwiches” on the side and you’re hooked. The big ice cream sandwich painting on the side of the truck convinces you to buy 5 ice cream sandwiches. One for you, and four more for your kids and husband.

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