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No-Brainer Businesses

Cameron Nuckols
October 20th, 2023 · 1 min read
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Earlier this year, a friend and I explored what types of business models we like. As we talked, I realized my favorite businesses all have one thing in common.

They are no-brainer businesses.

No-brainer businesses are those with business models that provide value with no downside. Usually, the company gives the customer something for free and makes money in a different way.

Because customers get something valuable for free, these businesses generally grow fast. They create a win–win situation for everyone involved.

Over time, I’ve compiled a list of companies with no-brainer business models.

DivvyAutomate expense reporting for businesses for freeMake money via slice of merchant credit card fees
PreviLower individuals’ credit card bills by 20% for freeMake money through partnerships (fixed fees for lead generation)
RouteProvide e-commerce owners package insurance for freeMake money from consumers paying a fee at checkout
PatternScale e-commerce stores with $10M+ in revenue internationally and through new channels for freeMake money from margin on product sales
MainstreetQualify companies for tax credits for freeMake money by sharing a small cut of earnings
FareharborProvide booking software to rental & tour companies for freeMake money from booking fees charged to consumers

Do you see the pattern?

Divvy’s story alone demonstrates the power of a no-brainer business. That business model, along with great execution, led a team from $0 to a $2.5 billion-dollar exit by in 5 years. The model works.

I thought about this for several months when I saw a post from Alex Hormozi about how to win in a market. He defined no-brainer businesses well.

I liked it so much that I stole from him and created a rhyme to better define a no-brainer business:

Make it better.
Make it free.
Monetize it differently.

In the spirit of no-brainer businesses, I challenge you. When exploring ideas, writing a business plan, or investing, be creative. Think like there is no box. Find that model that doesn’t just generate revenue but reverberates value. Make a no-brainer business.


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