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Conversation Automation

Cameron Nuckols
July 22nd, 2017 · 1 min read
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Conversations can be difficult to have. Either they are really important, or they are almost meaningless and you don’t need to have them.


Automate these conversations via a bot. Figure out the exact flows and construct them in a way that a bot can handle them for you. The unimportant conversations are ones that could be automated first, while later getting to more important conversations.


  • Automate dating (getting to a first date). Or you can also automate a conversation at any point when you become disinterested.
  • Automate buying something (classifieds)
  • Automate a breakup
  • Automate an apology
  • Automate begging for a grade bump
  • Automate meeting someone (getting on good terms)
  • Automate asking for a refund
  • Automate party invites
  • Automate a hangout
  • Automate selling something
  • Automate reminders (business)
  • Automate setting an appointment
  • Automate thank yous
  • Automate ___.

The key: you can automate any conversation you would like. You can set it up so the bot will handle the conversation in the way that you want. You could go through a list and say, “I like these responses.” Or you could set it at random. It’d be your choice.

It ties into an email, text, messengers, etc, or wherever you are having these conversations. It has custom notifications so you can follow the conversations as it goes.

If something new comes up in the conversation that needs to be discussed, then it will ask you what should be said. Otherwise, you can log in and just see your conversations coming to life. Also, it will give you a quick summary. If the person calls you or anything then you’ll receive a quick recap as well.

The best thing about this business model is that you can hook them for free for a month and then start a subscription. Also, you’ll have tons of information on everyone that signs up on the platform which is like gold.

Possible Names

BotMall BuildABot Auto Autom Palette


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