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Curated Learning

Cameron Nuckols
April 12th, 2017 · 1 min read
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The majority of learning is possible with materials that are online and free. The problem becomes that with such a wide array of material available, people don’t know where to learn. The material isn’t structured in a way that they can learn.


A website that builds world-class courses out of the best material online. You could talk to experts in each niche and involve them as you build classes. This would provide quality education online for a fraction of the cost of traditional schools.

Reasons for curated classes:

  1. Learn more with different teachers
  • Sometimes you take a class and learn one way to do something. But then when someone does it a different way you are lost.
  1. Ensure the best content. If we are curating, we can get content from the very best sources and we don’t have to be a perfect expert in the subject to create a powerful class.
  2. Cheaper than traditional classes
  • Curating takes less time, hence the price of courses
  1. One price, no confusion
  • I dislike the discounts and price changes that online courses offer. Here, you know that you can get a course for one price, no matter what the course may be teaching
  1. Can become one source for good => if it has all the best resources included within the class, then it will be worthwhile to have like a book on your bookshelf


You are a student who is looking to learn a new subject. You would visit this site and be guided through material that is online and pay a small subscription to do so.


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