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Smart Web Browser

Cameron Nuckols
March 21st, 2017 · 1 min read
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Every day individuals waste many hours searching for things on the internet. Search engines and browsers have been a solution for now. But with technology and data that we have nowadays, we can do better.


Faster Navigation

A personalized web browser that uses your activity to help you navigate the web much faster. You should be able to type in keywords and navigate to the right pages. If you don’t remember what the name of a website is, the browser should be able to find it based on a general description.

I have no data to support this, but I guess that an individual only visits a certain number of new websites. The other websites are all the same, meaning our browsers can do a better job of knowing what we want.

One Login

We should be able to log in to all websites from one set of credentials. You log in once at a browser level and those credentials will log you into all sites that you specify. This is a difficult problem to solve, but it would be game-changing.

Audio First

With Alexa and Siri taking over our lives, it’s time for our browsers to react to our voices as well. With voice technology as far along as it is, soon we will be able to work without keyboards or mouses at all.


Someone can’t remember the website of an article they read. The person visited the site a few weeks ago, and the article spoke about types of food that kill dogs. They have no idea what the site was named. If you simply type in “food that kills dogs”, the site you visited could pop up.


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