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Product Politics

Cameron Nuckols
August 19th, 2017 · 1 min read
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Industries don’t have a common place to come together to discuss their industry. Problems, solutions, and ideas around what industries need to move forward are often kept as trade secrets.


A website that allows people to follow certain industries and be updated when something new happens in that industry. Think Product Hunt but based around an industry as a whole. Individuals would see a holistic picture of where there are gaps in the industry. Imagine being able to make suggestions for where you want an industry to improve.

You might say that competition handles this on its own, which is somewhat true. But there is room for news within an industry to be in a single place where others can come to understand trends.

I see this being useful for entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and society.


Investors who have never dealt with a given industry can visit the site and within minutes understand the main players, technologies, and trends.


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